Truth Or Dare

Documentary Film – in post-produktion

Do you remember the lockdown?
When disembodied dancefloors were craving for bodies?
Where should we take our longing?
Where should we take our desire?
Where should we take our flesh?


Inspired by the feeling of loneliness and longing during the first Covid lockdown, the experimental documentary “Truth or Dare” begins. From interviews, that were conducted over a distance unfolds a fragmentary narration by people from different parts of the world who all came to Berlin to find a home and belonging here in the queer sex-positive scene. It’s about the discovery of queer bodies, the need for consent and the struggle for awareness of self-determined sex work.


As we glide through nocturnal Berlin and deserted clubrooms, we hear sirens singing and luring us in. The voices of different people are telling their stories, yearning for freedom, recognition and belonging.


The protagonists take us into their private spaces. We hear them talking about their desires and boundaries. We feel how they relate to each other by the way they speak and touch: It’s the playful, tender and animalistic aspect of sexuality. As a couple and in a group. And why all that?


“When you see birds flying together in a flock, there is a loss of control and a loss of ego for the bird who is flying in that majestic way with all the other birds.
People go on roller-coasters to feel that loss of control and people sing in choirs, because we want to feel part of something.“
(Adrienne Teicher in Truth or Dare)

Maja Classen
Maja Classen
Saralisa Volm
Director of Photography
Alina Albrecht
Sabrina Rücker 
Original Music
Vanessa Chartrand-Rodrigue, Angad Berar
Sounddesign & Final Mix
Uwe Bossenz
Production Manager
Anja Neuhaus
Puck, Jasko Fide, Bishop Black, Jorge The Obscene, Mad Kate, Adrienne Teicher, Lo-Fi Cherry, Arwen, KAy Garnellen, Carlos Raiz, Gili, Natasha, Gami, Ann Antidote, Nicky Miller, Rob Talin, Diana Kleimenova, Dita Rita Scholl
BKM, Akademie der Künste Stipendium
A POISON production
Distributed by POISON