Bounce. Flaccid. Small. Big. Furrowed. Beloved. Kneaded. Pinched. Filled with milk, silicone or expectations. We are not born with her, but she makes us a woman: the female breast. A sexual characteristic that is supposed to attract the male. A glandular tissue that serves to raise the offspring and yet so much more.


The exhibition ‘bOObs’ thematically ties in with the show ‘bitch MATERial‘, also curated by Britta Helbig and Saralisa Volm, which had set itself the task of discarding outdated maternal clichés and giving parents new freedom; in life, but above all also in art. ‘bOObs’ picks up this thread and unravels a secure net that celebrates breasts in all their diversity. The aim is to encourage and show a natural and positive approach to the female body, far away from standardisations, role clichés, sexist ideas and classical beauty ideals.

The question is: do our breasts, as they really are, have a place in art? We answer them with a clear one: Yes!


curated by Britta (Helbig) Adler and Saralisa Volm




Karl Oskar Gallery

Berlin, Germany


20/02/2019 – 08/03/2019