Documentary film – in post-production

A BODY LIKE MINE is the poetic portrait of a young artist and activist named Puck (they/them). Puck is not their legal name, it is a character the artist has created and transforms into during their performances. As co-writer and protagonist of the film, the artist talks about how Puck’s existence helps them to feel more grounded in a world they experience as overwhelming. While Puck dares to do wild things, such as queer post porn and wrestling, Puck’s creator themself shares their vulnerability. In the film they contemplate the discrepancy between themself and their character: They talk about how they are often misunderstood, judged, and fetishized. How they are assigned gender stereotypes they don’t want to conform to. Puck’s activism consists of their visibility as a proud Black person and of staging themself as part of phantasies and images that bodies like theirs traditionally have been banished from.


A BODY LIKE MINE is a fairy-tale like documentary. Conceived through the artistic collaboration between Puck and director Maja Classen, the film allows for an intimate and moving glimpse into Puck’s lifestyle, their inspirations, fears and experiences.

Maja Classen
Maja Classen, Puck
Director of Photography
Alina Albrecht
Puck, Bishop Black, Playgirls Mansion Collective, Manon Praline, Torri Lisek
Thomas Krause and Maya Steinberg
Original Music
Vanessa Chartrand-Rodrigue
Sound Recordists
Koenraad Ecker, Marina Funck, Adrienne Teicher
Sounddesign & Final Mix
Uwe Bossenz
Production Designer
Miren Oller
Saralisa Volm
Production Manager
Anja Neuhaus
In Co-produktion with
A POISON production
Distributed by POISON