Real Life Adventure Game

Documentary - in post-production

People like you and me, (with a roof over the head, food, arms and legs), answer my questions regarding their way of life and what they think possible in it.

They will be challenged to do exercises to gain courage. This is to get closer to facing and realising ideas and dreams to change aspects of their life.

A personal experiment, which turns into a film-experiment: I ask questions and set tasks, which will be answered by the protagonists via a camcorder.

‘What are you facing every day that annoys you?’

‘Where do you go to relax?’

‘Which fear restricts you most in life and how could you overcome it?’

‘What is the one thing that you have been wanting to try out for years, and never have? Film yourself whilst doing it.’

Concept & Directing
Rike Hoppe
Project Consultation
Bernd-Günther Nahm
Theatrical Consultation
Sarah Paar
Filmwerkstatt Kiel, Kulturbüro der Stadt Kiel
Rike Hoppe
Saralisa Volm