We produce films and videos, curate art exhibitions and tell stories.
What we create is all produced to the highest quality and to our own style and taste. This is what we strive for. Every day anew. Fast as lightening. Out of breath. Breathe in. Breathe out. And go again. We hardly ever get there but the sweat is dripping. Always.


We don’t see ourselves as a traditional film production company, but rather as an interface between film, art and concepts. To achieve this we use mixed media, new channels of distribution and new financing models, because we believe that every project is in need for an individual approach and we tailor this approach with careful detail. The projects we produce, we support with deep conviction.


It’s all about integrity. We don’t offer a service, we offer stories, passion, places of longing. We founded the company because we seek adventures that are more exciting than the norm.


We are looking for long-term collaborations, based on our growing international network.
The team is build on fairness, diversity, responsibility and sustainability. We print on light paper, but on this we print the most beautiful sentences. In the end what counts is a result, that we want to be proud of.