In Between (WT)

Documentary - in development


We follow the physician Sophie Tegetthof, the costume designer and cultural artist Aino Laberenz, and one further
protagonist in their everyday lives in Berlin and abroad. We draw parallels between the places, the experiences and
the respective execution of their work. How do priorities in work shift and which effects does this have on the
protagonists as humans? We contrast their experiences, compare and show interrelations without evaluating our
findings. We want to interweave not just the stories of the protagonists but also the pictures that come up along our
The film observes and asks questions. Tracing the routines of the respective jobs, following procedures and exploring
fields of tension were of special importance for us. Interpersonal relations have a big priority. We want to capture
our protagonists’ arrival at the different places, their getting used to these places. At the same time we want to feel
the distance that is part of every arrival.
The times of travelling are of special interest to us, particularly the transitional stages where there is no right or no
wrong. The loss of unambiguousness. At the airport, when you are almost back in Berlin and have a table booked for
the evening that costs you more money than you would have spent on new pharmaceuticals. It is at these moments
and places of transit that we want to capture and interview our protagonists.

Sophie Tegetthoff
Aino Laberenz
Anna Heringer
Saralisa Volm
Anne Bolick
Saralisa Volm