Give Me Solace



The idea of give me SOLACE is to raise questions that can only be answered individually. Rather than offering solutions I look at the various issues underlying the term »solace« as a means of exploration and discourse. This is mirrored by the various media and works of art displayed in the exhibition – from painting to photography to installations. All exhibits deal with consolation in various ways promoting exploration and discourse. In addition to this, give me SOLACE does not only deal with the theory of consolation. It aims at making consolation tangible. There will be several exhibits provided to offer the visitor a sense of comfort: the smell of the woods or someone who reads for us using just the right words. The venue is thus transformed into a research lab which can turn into a place of comfort for some. It’s about creating a place where you can feel solace, going beyond the mere reception of art.


Julija Goyd

Philipp Schwalb

Florian Süßmayer

Susanne Weirich

Didem Erbas

Kirsten Becken

Malakoff Kowalski

Anna Bederke

Christine Volm

Thomas Lindemann

Malakoff Kowalski - How I think of you


Lobeckstr. 30

10969 Berlin



2. – 18. october 2016

Public Relations