Art Project


Instagram as a Place of perfection, ideals and filters. Everything is presented in the right light, but not everything in life shines, goes smoothly, nor is fun. So why don’t we once present the dark light, bring the reality into the spotlight & show, how it really is: Dirty. Naughty. Broken. Despondent.


The Instagram profile @365_imperfections presented the unfiltered reality for a whole year with all corners and edges, dealt with imperfections, fuck-ups and insights of the everyday life of Saralisa Volm. A rebellion against the perfect external effect on the Social Web and against our own unattainable demands on ourselves. An outlet for fears and doubts and a place to turn one‘s own failure into entertainment.


In 2020 @365_imperfections was extended by people who gave weekly alternating insights into their normal, faulty life for 6 days each. Among them are some who understood to keep the perfect appearance up to now. In the end, this should result in a selection of positions of various public figures that will be published in a book and different artistic positions that will form the basis for an exhibition.


Developed and curated b Saralisa Volm.


>> Instagram #365imperfections <<


Julija Goyd, Daniel Zillmann, Carolin Würfel, Nina E. Schönefeld, Vera KochubeySirka Elspaß, Daniel BröckerhoffMaayan WeisstubFrédéric SchwildenRaquel Paiewonsky, Britta Thie, Jakob Lass, Yulia Belousova, Kennet LekkoGal Ben Moshe, Samira el Ouassil, Jen Ray, Sophia Hoffmann, Laura Tonke, Tarik TesfuJeannine Michaelsen, Annique Delphine, Malakoff Kowalski, Sophie MayanneAino Laberenz, Egle Otto, Frank Spilker, Cornelia Renz, Theresa Lachner, Katja Lewina, Stefan Draschan, Media Esfarjani, Nathan Hussain, Christine Volm, Kirsten Becken, Kristina Suvorova, Raul Krauthausen, Salomé Balthus, Welket BunguéMareice Kaiser, Frank Spilker, Saralisa Volm 


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